2017-2018 Podcasts

2017-2018 Podcasts

3-17:  Randon Peters, NWGA’s past president and chairman of the US Wheat Associates and National Association of Wheat Growers Joint International Trade Committee discusses his trip to Washington, DC to visit with Senator Sasse and the Mexican ambassador. Randon Peters visit with Mexican Ambassador 3-17

3-10:  Brent Robertson, chair of NWB, discusses his participation in the 2018 Governor’s Ag Conference in Kearney. Brent Robertson Governor’s Ag Conference 3-10

3-3:  Randon Peters, NWGA’s past president discusses the organization’s participation in Commodity Classic in Anaheim. Randon Peters Commodity Classic 3-3

2-24:  Von Johnson, NWB board member, discusses the annual Bake & Take event. Von Johnson Bake & Take 2-24

2-17:  Caroline Brauer, NWB’s Ag Promotion Coordinator discusses the upcoming board meeting that will be held in Ithaca. Caroline Brauer NWB February meeting 2-17

2-10: Rick Larson, NWB board member from Potter discusses the national meetings and visits to Capitol Hill conducted by NWB and NWGA members this past week. Rick Larson Washington DC visit 2-10

2-3:  Royce Schaneman, NWB executive director discusses the upcoming Winter Wheat Conference in Washington, DC. Royce Schaneman upcoming winter meeting 2-3

1-27:  Mark Spurgin, recently elected NWGA president, discusses his expectations of the organization and new role. Mark Spurgin new NWGA president 1-27

1-20:  Phil McClain, chairman of the National Wheat Foundation, discusses the launching of the 2018 national wheat yield contest. Phil McClain 2018 Wheat Yield Contest 1-20

1-13:  Royce Schaneman, NWB executive director discusses the call for funding proposals for the FY 2018-2019 period. Royce Schaneman call for FY18-19 proposals 1-13

1-6:  Larry Flohr, a wheat farmer from Chappell discusses the condition of the wheat crop in his region. Larry Flohr wheat crop update 1-6
12-30:  Caroline Brauer, NWGA executive director, discusses the association’s upcoming annual meeting to be held in Lincoln. Caroline Brauer NWGA annual meeting for 12-30

12-23:  Dean Grosskurth with USDA NASS discusses the 2017 Ag Census. Dean GrossKurth, USDA NASS Ag Census 12-23

12-2:  Steve Mercer, VP of communications for US Wheat Associates, discusses wheat exports and Farm Bill concerns. Steve Mercer USW exports and Farm Bill 12-2

11-24:  Gordon Stoner, President of the National Association of Wheat Growers, discusses the Association’s role in the Prop 65 lawsuit regarding glyphosate. Grodon Stoner, NAWG Prop 65 lawsuit 11-24

11-11:  Mark Knobel, a farmer from Fairbury, discusses his participation in and placing 4th nationally in the National Wheat Yield Contest. Mark Knobel National Wheat Yield Contest 11-11

10-28:  Brent Robertson, chairman of the NWB, discusses the upcoming board meeting. Brent Robertson NWB meeting for 10-28

9-23:  Larry Flohr, a producer from Chappell discusses the current status of the 2018 wheat crop. Larry Flohr 2018 wheat crop 9-23

8-26:  Dr. Stephen Baenziger discusses wheat varieties and data from the field trials across the state that producers can consider when making planting decisions this fall. Dr. Baenziger 8-26

8-5:  Chris Cullan, a certified seed producer from Hemingford discusses the upcoming certified seed day events that producers in Western Nebraska can visit, learn and participate in. Chris Cullan NE Wheat 8-5

7-29-17:  David Schemm, president of the National Association of Wheat Growers discusses testifying before Congress on the Farm Bill and crop insurance and why both issues matter to wheat farmers. David Schemm NE Wheat 7-29

7-21-17:  Cody Creech with UNL Extension discusses Wheat Streak Mosiac Virus and management methods producers can use to help prevent the disease’s presence in their wheat fields. Cody Creech NE Wheat 7-21