2018-2019 Podcasts

2018-2019 Podcasts

3-9:  Royce Schaneman, NWB executive director, talks about NWB’s participation in the Governor’s Ag Conference and previews the upcoming Bake & Take event. Wheat Report 3-9 Royce Schaneman Governor’s Ag Conference

3-2:  Randon Peters, NWGA member and wheat farmer from McCook talks about participation in Commodity Classic and the National Association of Wheat Growers meetings. Wheat Report 3-2 Randon Peters Commodity Classic

2-23:  Dr. Stephen Baenziger, lead wheat breeder with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln talks about the most recent Wheat Quality Council meeting. Wheat Report 2-23 Dr. Stephen Baenziger Wheat Quality Council meeting

2-16:  Kent Lorens, NWB District 1 representative talks about participating in the Winter Wheat Conference in Washington, DC, along with Hill visits with the Nebraska congressional delegation. Wheat Report 2-16 Kent Lorens Winter Wheat Conference

10-13:  Caroline Clements, NWB Ag Promotion Coordinator, talks about the upcoming commodities tailgate event that Nebraska Wheat will participate in at a local grocery store. Wheat Report 10-13 Caroline Clements commodities tailgate

10-6:  National Association of Wheat Growers president Jimmy Musick talks about the Farm Bill and the impact current talks and lack of bill passage are having on the wheat industry. Wheat Report 10-6 Jimmy Musick, Farm Bill

9-29:  Royce Shaneman, NWB executive director talks about preparations for the organization’s annual sponsored tour to Portland, Ore. to help farmers learn about wheat exports. Wheat Report 9-29 Royce Schaneman NWB Portland tour

9-22:  Rick Larson, a wheat farmer from Potter, talks about the current status of wheat planting and challenges in his area. Wheat Report 9-22 Rick Larson, wheat planting

9-15:  Caroline Clements, NWB Ag Promotion Coordinator, talks about partnering with Kansas Wheat to promote wheat recipes and nutrition through a new website eatwheat.org. Wheat Report 9-15 Caroline Clements, Eat Wheat

9-1:  Brent Robertson, NWB chairman, talks about being re-elected and what he hopes to accomplish with NWB this year. Wheat Report 9-1 Brent Robertson renamed chairman

8-25:  Bob Delsing, NWB District 1 representative, talks about participating in Governor Ricketts’ trade mission to Mexico. Wheat Report 8-25 Bob Delsing, Governor’s trade mission Mexico

8-17:  Caroline Clements, NWGA executive director, talks about the Mobile Baking Lab participation in the Chase County Fair and NWGA’s educational efforts. Wheat Report 8-17 Caroline Clements, baking lab

8-11:  Dr. Stephen Baenziger, UNL wheat breeder, talks about conditions, varieties and choices producers should consider heading into planting season. Wheat Report 8-11 Dr. Baenziger planting considerations

8-4:  Caroline Clements, NWB Ag Promotion Coordinator, talks about the upcoming events both NWB and NWGA will be participating in throughout the fall. Wheat Report 8-4 – Caroline Brauer August events

7-28:  Senator Ben Sasse talks about the impact of trade and the $12 billion aid package planned for assisting farmers. Wheat Report 7-28 – Senator Ben Sasse

7-21:  Caroline Clements, NWB Ag Promotion Coordinator, talks about the end of wheat harvest in Nebraska. Wheat Report 7-21 Caroline Clements harvest wrap up

7-14:  Dave Milligan, National Association of Wheat Growers Treasurer, talks about the impact of tariffs and NAFTA on the wheat industry. Wheat Report 7-14 Dave Milligan, tariffs and NAFTA

7-7:  Mark Knobel, NWB district 6 representative, talks about hosting a trade team of millers and wheat purchasers from Ecuador and Chile on his farm. Wheat Report 7-7 Mark Knobel trade team