Wheat News and Updates

Nebraska Wheat joining Farmers & Ranchers Tailgate

NWGA’s Mobile Baking Lab will be at the Fallbrook Super Saver on October 20 from 9am-11am with free samples and activities. Several other ag organizations will also be participating in a large agriculture tailgate event. Check out A-FAN’s facebook page for more information.

Wheat seeding date impacts yields

Wheat seeding date can play a major role in impacting yields come harvest. A new study by Robert Klein and Cody Creech on this topic is available on CropWatch.

NWB re-elects chair and vice chair

Brent Robertson of Elsie and Bob Delsing of Hemingford were recently re-elected chair and vice chair respectively. More information can be found here:Robertson and Delsing elected Chair and Vicechair of Nebraska Wheat Board

Market Facilitation Program

Wheat rate under the MFP is set at $0.14 a bushel. MFP applications are available online at www.farmers.gov/MFP. A fact sheet provided by FSA is available here: MFP Fact Sheet.


Fall Seed Guide Available

The new fall seed guide from UNL is now available. A copy can be found online here.


National wheat statement on trade tariffs and $12 billion aid package

Half of Nebraska wheat and half of the U.S. wheat crop is exported annually. U.S. wheat producers depend on trade. Both the National Association of Wheat Growers and U.S. Wheat Associates issued a statement regarding the announcement of $12 billion in aid to U.S. farmers in response to farm losses due to the tariffs. That statement can be found here.