The following are podcast copies of interviews conducted with farmers and wheat industry representatives regarding issues affecting wheat production in Nebraska. The original interviews are conducted and broadcast by KRVN and are shared here again with their permission.

FY 19-20 reports

3-28: Dave Milligan, National Association of Wheat Growers President, talking about National Ag Week

      Wheat Report 3-28 Dave Milligan


3-21: Stephanie Peterson, Chef, talking about National Flour Month and some of the resources available to people as they might find themselves with more time to bake or opportunities to teach kids through baking

      Wheat Report 3-21 Stephanie Peterson


3-14: Bob Delsing, NWB District 1 Director & Chair, recapping Governor’s Ag Conference

      Wheat Report 3-14 Bob Delsing


3-7: Brent Robertson, NWB District 7 Director, discusses the recent deal with Vietnam and what it means for NE wheat growers

      Wheat Report 3-7 Brent Robertson


2-29: Brian Schafer, NWGA President, gives an update from Commodity Classic

      Wheat Report 2-29 Brian Schafer


2-22: Sarah Morton, Ag Promotion Coordinator, discusses the 2020 National Wheat Yield Contest

      Wheat Report 2-22 Sarah Morton


2-15: Kent Lorens, District 4 Director, discusses latest board meeting and Bake & Take event

      Wheat Report 2-15 Kent Lorens


2-8: Brian Schafer, NWGA President, discusses the recent Annual Meeting and the Bake & Take event

      Wheat Report 2-8 Brian Schafer


2-1: Cody Creech, Dryland Systems Specialist, gives an update on the TAPS program

      Wheat Report 2-1 Cody Creech


1-25: Tyson Narjes, District 2 Director, discusses U.S. Wheat Associates Winter Conference in D.C.

      Wheat Report 1-25 Tyson Narjes


1-10: Jeff Bechard, attended recent Wheat Export and Marketing Workshop trip that took place in Portland, OR

      Wheat Report 1-10 Jeff Bechard


12-28: Sarah Morton, Ag Promotion Coordinator for the Nebraska Wheat Board, discusses upcoming Nebraska Wheat Growers Annual Meeting.

      Wheat Report 12-28 Sarah Morton


12-21: Dalton Henry, VP of Trade Policy for U.S. Wheat Associates, discusses USMCA, China, and good news out of Brazil.

      Wheat Report 12-21 Dalton Henry


12-14: Janice Cooper, Managing Director of the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, OR, discusses the upcoming Wheat Export and Marketing Workshop in January.

      Wheat Report 12-14 Janice Cooper


12-7: Charlene Patton, Executive Director of the Home Baking Association.

      Wheat Report 12-7 Charlene Patton


11-30: Tim O’Conner, President of Wheat Foods Council, talks about the organization and things they are doing for the wheat industry.

      Wheat Report 11-30 Tim O'Conner


11-23: Dr. Laila Puntel, UNL, discusses research she is conducting and presented to the Nebraska Wheat Board.

      Wheat Report 11-23 Dr. Laila Puntel


11-16: Tyson Narjes, Nebraska Wheat Board District 2, discusses USW Fall Conference in Santa Fe.

      Wheat Report 11-16 Tyson Narjes


11-9: Jill O’Donnell, Director of the Clayton Yuetter Institute, gives an update on USMCA and emerging markets.

      Wheat Report 11-9 Jill O'Donnell


FY 17-18 reports

FY 18-19 reports