Student Ambassador Program

NWB annually supports a Wheat Ambassador scholarship program with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The purpose of the program is to educate college-aged students about the wheat industry in Nebraska and the importance wheat holds as an agriculture commodity. Ambassadors learn about wheat production, nutrition, bio-technology, research, marketing and education. The ambassadors then take what they’ve learned and work with wheat producers and NWB staff at promotional events. They also deliver presentations to elementary through high school aged students.

The ambassadors are selected through an application process that includes a written application, cover letter, references and in-person interviews. The program lasts one fiscal year, with a new application process beginning again at the start of the following fiscal year. For their time and efforts, the ambassadors are awarded a scholarship to assist with their education.

Past Ambassadors


  • Jordan Bothern – Lincoln, NE
  • Autumn Lemmer – Atkinson, NE
  • Trey Mogensen – Cedar Rapids, NE
  • Abbie Otto – Phillips, NE


  • Colton Flower – Scottsbluff, NE
  • Victoria Talcott – Bennet, NE
  • Juliana Krotz – Belleville, KS
  • Ben Bentzinger – Hickman, NE


  • Hannah Kesterson – Alliance, NE
  • Toni Rasmussen – Albion, NE
  • Marcus Sandberg – Hay Springs, NE
  • Ashton Shrewsbury – Alliance, NE
  • Morgan Zumpfe – Friend, NE


  • Emma Likens – Swanton, NE
  • Hannah Gaebel – Ashland, NE
  • Emilia Woeppel – Firth, NE
  • Thad Baum – Norfolk, NE


  • Lacey Uden – Juniata, NE
  • Mark Swerczek – Cedar Rapids, NE
  • Valerie Kesterson – Bridgeport, NE
  • Alix Mashino – Spencer, NE
  • Dekota Lundy – Bertrand, NE
  • Carleen Johnson – Cloquet, MN
  • Kailey Parr