Nebraska Wheat Growers Association
In 1954, a vision was developed to support programs vital to the survival of the wheat industry. An organization was formed to lead positive change by creating a checkoff fee to promote and market wheat nationally and internationally. As a result, effectiveness promoting governmental policy became the lead role for the Wheat Growers both on a state and national front.

Times have changed, but most of the association’s issues remain the same—farm programs, trade, development of improved crop insurance, soil and water conservation, environmental issues, transportation, and energy legislation. Each year, the association generates positive objectives and priorities for future legislative agendas. Forward direction is pursued and carried out by the individuals dedicated to this organization.

In addition, NWGA supports education efforts to help producers improve farming practices and teach consumers about the role of agriculture and wheat in food and nutrition.

University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources
The Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) is dedicated to providing the highest-quality programs that are ecologically sound, economically viable, socially responsible, and scientifically appropriate. The Institute was formed by LB149 and passed by the Nebraska Legislature in 1973. The Unicameral acted in response to a coalition that was concerned that agriculture was not getting enough attention from the university. IANR is under the administrative structure of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.