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Wheat News and Updates

Disaster Relief

While most acres of wheat in Nebraska were not affected by the recent flooding, many farmers, ranchers, and community members lost everything. Those interested in assisting Nebraskans affected by flooding can find more info with the Nebraska Farm Bureau or donate to their disaster relief fund.

FY 2017-2018 annual report

An annual report detailing board activities and funded projects in FY 17-18 is available. Annual Report FY 17-18

Celebrate Bake & Take

March is Bake & Take month. Celebrate by making a wheat treat and sharing it with someone in your community. Use the opportunity to talk about wheat, agriculture, and ag education. NWB has free Bake & Take stickers and recipe cards available for anyone who would like them. Just contact our office. The provided digital copy of the recipe card can be printed and is free for use by anyone. 2019 Bake & Take cards for print

Two Nebraska Farmers selected as winners in National Wheat Yield Contest

Brian Schafer and Brock Terrell both placed in the National Wheat Foundation’s National Wheat Yield Contest this year. Schafer placed 4th in the dryland spring wheat category with a field in Hayes County. Terrell placed 4th in the irrigated winter wheat category with a field in Sheridan County. More details on the contest and other winners is available on the National Wheat Foundation site.

Market Facilitation Program

Wheat rate under the MFP is set at $0.14 a bushel. MFP applications are available online at A fact sheet provided by FSA is available here: MFP Fact Sheet.



































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